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party wedding catering buffet food`
High quality disposables & tableware,  great for any party, wedding, business function or bereavement is included.  Quality banqueting roll, slip covers, napkins and trims are also included (colour scheme of your choice where available). Vegan, Vegetarian & Gluten free options available.  All buffet menus can be laid out ready for guests to self-serve.
We cover the whole of Essex & beyond (Free delivery within 10 miles of Wickford).
                                             MENU 1 £4.50 per head  
                                                      Selection of Sandwiches
  Sandwich Platter(On white, brown & wholemeal breads)  
   A Selection of Quiche Slices
e.g. Quiche Lorraine, Mediterranean peppers, cheese & onion  
Breaded Chicken Dippers
(Served with BBQ & tomato dips)  
Flaky Pastry Sausage Rolls  
                                                    Honey Roast Mini Sausages  
                                                  Savoury Nibbles 
MENU 2 £5.45 Per head  
Assorted Filled Rolls
A Selection of Quiche Slices
(Cheese & onion, quiche Lorraine, cheese & tomato) 
Breaded Chicken Dippers
(Served with tangy BBQ sauce) 
Melton Mowbray Pork Pie Wedges
(Served with mustard sauce)
Mini Breaded Savoury Eggs 
Flaky Pastry Sausage Rolls 
Savoury Nibbles
Mini Muffins
(Blueberry & double choc)  

party wedding catering buffet food  

MENU 3 £5.95 Per head  
Selection of Sandwiches
(On brown, white & wholemeal breads)  
Flaky Pastry Sausage Rolls
Honey Roast Mini Sausages
(Served with tangy mustard & tomato dips)  
   Party Pizza Slices

 A Selection of Savoury Quiche Slices
 (Cheese & onion, quiche Lorraine, cheese & tomato) 

Breaded Chicken Goujons
      (Served with fruity cranberry & BBQ 

Side Salad Medley
     (Cherry tomatoes, cucumber batons) 

Savoury Nibbles
 (E.g. cheese puffs, onion rings, cheese footballs etc.)  
    Selection of Small Cakes 

party wedding buffet catering food

MENU 4 £6.45 per head 
Selection of Sandwiches
(On brown, white & wholemeal breads) 
Party Wraps
(Cheese & salsa & Deli chicken)                               
party wedding buffet catering food
Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls
(Served with sweet & sour dip) 
Mini Vegetable Samosas
(Served with sweet chilli dip) 
Flaky Pastry Sausage Rolls 
Battered Chicken Dippers
(Served with barbecue & tangy tomato dips) 
Mini Honey Roasted Sausages
(Served with tangy mustard dip) 
party wedding buffet catering foodTortilla Chips & Salsa Dip 
Savoury Nibbles 
Cake Selection 
MENU 5 £7.75 Per head 
Selection of Sandwiches
(On brown, white & wholemeal breads) 
Chicken Goujons
(Served with barbecue & Tangy tomato dips)  
Flaky Pastry Sausage Rolls  
Crudities Platters - V
(Served with savoury dip selection)
Honey Roast Mini Sausages
(Served with tangy mustard and tomato dips)  
A Selection of Quiche & Savoury Flans
(E.g. Quiche Lorraine, Mediterranean peppers, cheese & onion)  
Seafood Party Platters
A selection of fresh Crab sticks and Prawns –served with Marie Rose sauce
A selection of breaded & battered Prawns & Scampi bites – served with tartar sauce
Tortilla Chips & Chunky Salsa Dip – V  
Cake Selection 
Fruit Scones with Butter & Preserves
party wedding buffet catering food

MENU 6 £7.95 per head
Filled Party Wraps
(Cheese & salsa, coronation chicken)
Sandwich Platters
(On brown, white & wholemeal breads)
Chicken Goujons
(Served with Cranberry dip)
A Selection of Quiche Slices
(E.g. Cheese & tomato, Bacon & leek)
Salad Bowls:
Garden Salad
Pasta salad
party wedding catering buffet food Cheese & Biscuit Platter
(Served with grapes)
Savoury Nibbles
Fresh Fruit Platter
Selection of Cakes and Cake Slices

MENU 7 £8.25 per head
 Mixed Party Sandwich Platters
(On white & brown breads)
Chicken Drumsticks
 Savoury Platters:
Mini savoury Eggs
Cocktail Sausage Rolls
  Cocktail Sausages
A Selection of Quiche Slices
(E.g. Bacon& leek, Quiche Lorraine, cheese & onion)
 Breaded Scampi
(Served with tartar sauce)
 Party Skewers
Mozzarella & cherry tomato, Cheddar & onion, feta, olives & ham
   A Miscellany of Ethnic Savouries 
(Spring rolls, Samosas, Bahjis and Pakoras)
A Selection of Cake Slices 
(E.g fruit cake, Vanilla & chocolate roll, battenberg, victoria sponge)
Fresh Fruit Skewers
(E.g Grapes, pineapple, strawberries,orange, kiwi & apple)

MENU 8 £8.95 per head
With Gluten Free Options
This menu incorporates a selection of gluten free dishes, where we can offer half regular party food and half gluten free options. We can adjust any menu to suit any dietary requirements.
Selection of Sandwiches / Gluten free Sandwich Platter
(On brown, white & wholemeal breads)
Flaky pastry cocktail sausage rolls
party wedding catering buffet food Honey roast mini sausages / Gluten free sausages
(Served with tangy mustard & tomato dips)
A selection of Deep Filled Quiche Slices /serving half guests
(Cheese & onion, quiche Lorraine, cheese & tomato)
Tomato & Mozzarella Platters/serving half guests – Gluten free
Breaded Chicken Goujons/serving half guests
(Served with a fruity cranberry & BBQ dips)
party wedding catering buffet food
Party Pizza Slices - Gluten free Pizza Slices
Seafood Platters of:

Tiger Prawns – Gluten free
Seafood Sticks
(Served with gluten free seafood sauce)
Crudités Platters – Gluten free
E.g. Carrots & cucumber batons, celery sticks, red, green and yellow peppers,
Spring onions, mange tout, baby sweet corns served with gluten free savoury dips
party wedding catering buffet food Savoury nibbles - Gluten free Nibbles
Savoury nibbles selection: e.g. crisps, cheese puffs, onion rings, breadsticks etc.
Selection of small Cakes / Gluten free Cakes
Fresh Fruit Platter
MENU 9 £8.95 per head
Mixed Vegetarian Sandwich Platters
e.g. Cheese & tomato, hummus salad, egg & cress, quorn salad

Mixed Vegan Sandwich Platters
e.g. Vegan cheese, pickle & apple, carrot/red peppers, red onion & crunchy salad/beetroot, hummus & lettuce/peanut butter, bean sprouts, carrot & lettuce) 

Vegan friendly Sausages/Sausage Rolls

Falafels - Vegan friendly

Vegetable Samosas - Vegan friendly

Crudities platters served with savoury dip selection
(Fresh crunchy vegetables & salad served with a selection of savoury dips)
A selection of Quiche & savoury flans
(E.g. Sunblush tomato, Garden vegetable, Cheese & onion)
party wedding catering buffet food
Salad Bowl Platters
Rice & Pepper - Vegan friendly

Italian style Pasta - Vegetarian

Potato salad - Vegan friendly 

Free range Chunky Egg Mayonnaise
(Served with tomato wedges and fresh watercress)

English and Continental Cheese & Biscuit Platter   (Served with celery, and apple slices)

Fresh Fruit Platters
Selection of Cakes & Cake Slices

party wedding catering buffet food
 MENU 10 £10.50 per head 
Mixed Meats Sandwich Platter
(E.g. Ham salad, BLT, Beef & mustard, Roast turkey & cranberry)
Mixed Vegetarian Sandwich Platter
(E.g. Cheese & tomato, hummus salad, egg mayonnaise, quorn salad)  
Salad Bowl Platters:
Coronation Chicken
Rice & Pepper
Tuna Pasta
party wedding catering buffet food
Mixed Savoury Platter:
Mini Swedish Meatballs 
Mini Eggs
Mini Sausage Rolls 
Spicy Chorizo Tapas
(Served with chunky salsa) 
Crudities Platters Served with Savoury Dips
E.g. carrot batons, cucumber, mange tout, celery sticks, mixed peppers
party wedding catering buffet food    A Selection of Mini Quiche Slices
E.g. smoky bacon, Cheese & tomato, cheese & onion 
Seafood Platters
Filo Prawns & Breaded Scampi – Served with tartar sauce 
King Prawns & Seafood Sticks  Served with Marie Rose sauce
Party Skewers
Honey roast sausage & onion, Mozzarella & cherry tomato, Olives, Feta & ham 
Oriental Platters 
A Miscellany of Asian Savouries 
 (Served with sweet chilli dip)  
Boneless Chicken Platters
E.g. dippers, mini fillets, goujons & satays
(Served with Cranberry and BBQ dips)  
An Assortment of Mini Cream Cakes
party wedding buffet catering food

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